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Rewrite for Citrix ADC

Rewrite for citrix adc

What is Rewrite? Rewrite refers to the rewriting of some information in the Citrix ADC appliance’s requests or responses. Rewriting can assist in providing access to the requested content while avoiding exposing unnecessary details about…

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Link Load Balancing for Citrix ADC

llb for adc

What is Link Load Balancing. The Citrix ADC appliance uses LLB to monitor and regulate traffic, ensuring that packets are sent over the best possible network. Outbound traffic is balanced via link load balancing (LLB)…

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Hybrid Security Model ( +ve & -ve ) using Web AppFirewall on Citrix ADC

Hybrid Security Model

Due to recent cyber-attacks, application security has become extremely crucial. NetScaler (ADC ) offers a Web Application Firewall functionality for application security. As mentioned in the article, we have a hybrid security approach for Web…

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